Service Processes

Customized Service Processes


We are always committed to building a win-win partnership with our clients, doing what clients urgently want, thinking what clients think, and providing clients with all kinds of language solutions. For each project, we will strictly control the processes to ensure close collaboration among team members and high quality of translated files.


Quality Assurance (QA)

TransVan is a Chinese startup in the translation and localization industry, and is widely recognized for its excellent service. We are committed to offering high quality language services to our clients, taking care of client satisfaction has always been our top priority.

As a TAC company member, we always set the bar high for ourselves because we firmly believe that only satisfying our clients with quality translations and services can we establish a long-term, stable, and reliable partnership with them.


TransVan takes our responsibility of keeping all information private and confidential very seriously. We fully realize and acknowledge the importance of privacy, security, and confidentiality regarding individual information and data, and we employ all necessary measures to ensure any documents that we receive are kept secure and confidential.

After-Sales Service

Being client-centric, TransVan always provides high quality translations to satisfy our clients. If any client is dissatisfied with the quality of our deliverables, we will actively communicate with the client in a prompt manner, arrange the dedicated QAer to participate in the communication, and finally deliver a new version in the shortest time to satisfy the client as best as we can.

We solemnly promise to give our clients the best of service as you work with us!


Online Service